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Asian Doll Defends Jonathan Wright and Shades Her Hometown Of Dallas


Asian Doll went on Instagram Live to defend her friend or cousin, celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Wright, and throw shade at her hometown of Dallas, LOL.

Allegedly, Jonathan was loaned a Maserati while his leased Rolls Royce was being worked on. When he went to pick up his RR, he was notified that he is behind on payments and needs to settle his debt before the car is released. Jonathan wasn't trying to hear any of that and left in the Maserati.

Dallas PD arrested him for theft.

Asian Doll put it upon herself to defend Jonathan's good name in only the way she can, LOL. Asian Doll is too funny. She was supporting Jonathan while let'n people know she ain't got no love for Dallas.


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Asian definitely don’t get love in Dallas, they don’t like her🤷🏾‍♀️Asian always defending people who don’t defend her but in this case it’s different . Jonathan and Asian go way back and he’s been defending her, so it’s only right she returns the favor............maybe y’all haven’t seen the video with Asian and Jonathan fighting people with the WWE moves🤣🤣🤣

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