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Asian Doll Walks Off The Fresh And Fit Podcast After Host Disrepsects Her



If you ladies have not noticed, lots of male podcasters are following in the Kevin Samuel blueprint of only providing a space for women, so they can disrespect them. The Fresh and Fit Podcast is a shining example of that blueprint. The host thought he could talk crazy to Asian Doll, and she would sit there like a doll and accept it. Instead, he quickly learned that the "doll" in Asian Doll is just a name, not what she is.

This all started after Asian Doll check'd the host for being rude to another woman on the show, so she told him he was mean. So he took offense, got in his feelings, and became disrespectful to her. I think he was trying to agitate Asian Doll in hopes of getting another viral moment like when they alleged a woman pulled out a gun on Akademiks when he was a guest. Which the internet streets now say was a lie.

Anyways, Asian Doll did not pull out a gun, but she did pull up out of that chair and left in the middle of the show. I have not been impressed by Asian Doll in a minute, but today I applaud her!

I don't even know why these girls, who are the hottest things going, even help these men out by being part of these shows???? It's a waste of time.

What are y'all thoughts on the clip posted?


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