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Monday was a glorious day for women, particularly BLACK WOMEN, in music. Four Black women reigned supreme at the top of Billboard and Rolling Stone's Charts, and there was nothing Drake could do about it. Even though all the girls were celebrated, most of the chatter was centered around one woman, NICKI MINAJ.

Nicki Minaj seized her first No.1 on Billboard's Hot 100, and now the media has to "flip the switch" on their

Nicki Minaj gets her first Billboard Hot 100 number one song but can she keep up the momentum?

narratives about her. Before they do, let me clear up some misconceptions about Nicki Minaj and chart success. Nicki Minaj has over 175 number one songs across Billboard's neverending charts, including a Myspace & Gospel No.1 (put some RESPECK on her name). Nicki Minaj also has a #1 song on Rolling Stone Top 100 Chart from her "Hot Girl Summer" collab with Megan Thee Stallion. So, Nicki Minaj is no stranger to being number one, in fact, she seems to have a knack for it.

So now that Nicki Minaj has done what many have spent the last two-years telling her she would never do, they are asking can she do it solo. That got me thinking about MOMENTUM. Sometimes an artist just needs that one breakthrough moment that starts an amazing run. We only need to look at Drake as an example

of how an artist can use the momentum from a No.1 to stay on top.


Nicki Minaj gets her first Billboard Hot 100 number one song but can she keep up the momentum?

Drake is not this prolific No.1 song making machine that the media loves portraying him to be. He has over 222 Hot 100 Billboard entries, and 7 of those are No.1 hits, which includes his recent TikTok song "Toosie Slide." That is a 3% success rate. Compare that to Rihanna, who has a 23% success rate and Beyonce, who has a 9% success rate. When it comes to getting Top 10 songs, Drake and Nicki both round out to 17% success rate. If everything stayed the same for Drake, Nicki only needs two more No.1 hits to match Drake at a 3% success rate, and she would have done it with fewer Billboard entries.


So, let's discuss Drake's path to Hot 100 No.1 hits...

In 2010, Drake got his first No.1 as a featured artist on Rihanna's "What's My Name?". After that, Drake went through a six-year drought until RiRi came to the rescue again. In 2016, Drake made it back to the top as a featured artist on Rihanna's "Work." Are y'all picking up a pattern? That same year, Drake picked

Nicki Minaj gets her first Billboard Hot 100 number one song but can she keep up the momentum?

up his third Hot 100 No.1 when he released "One Dance," with Wizkid and Kyla, which has a similar sound to "Work" and "What's My Name?" Once Drake learned what sounds worked for him, he used the MOMENTUM from his previous number ones to get his third top hit.

I hope it did not go unnoticed that Drake's first three Hot 100 hits were not solo songs. Drake was on two songs with Rihanna and had features on his own song. So, anyone who has anything to say about features better keep the same energy with Drake and many other artists. Let's continue...

So, two years later comes "God's Plan, "Nice For What," and "In My Feeling" in 2018. I think this is when the illusion of Drake being a No.1 magnet really grew. This was when Drake got into his charity, sampling, and dance challenge bag. Now, we are in 2020, and Drake did the "Toosie Slide" to another No.1.

Yes, a vast amount of Drake's success can be contributed to the media cheering him on and constantly inundating fans with daily Drake stats. But, Drake early on figured out how to ride trends and nibble off songs fans already liked. On previous posts, I have pointed out how Drake is now remaking his own fan favorites. It's similar to sampling popular songs.


Nicki Minaj gets her first Billboard Hot 100 number one song but can she keep up the momentum?

So, how can Nicki Minaj ride the MOMENTUM from her first No.1 on Billboard's Hot 100? I do not suggest she follow in Drake's footsteps by dropping a song that sounds similar to "Say So." What she should take from her No.1 hit is the energy, the feeling, the vibe. The energy is "P*ssy Power, " the vibe is "Black Girl Magic," the feeling is "Ladies First." All of that is what propelled her to success in the first place when she was on her Itty Bitty Piggy sh*t and signing boobs.

"I just come through with a couple bossy bitches
They get money too, they some "don't cross me" bitches"

I said this back in 2018 and was attacked, but I still believe it...NICKI MINAJ NEEDS TO COME BACK TO THE

Nicki Minaj gets her first Billboard Hot 100 number one song but can she keep up the momentum?

GIRLS! A female rapper that does not have a strong female support system is a female rapper who needs to "hang it up, flatscreen." I understand sometimes bitches need to be put in their place, but we need "Lookin Ass N*gga," Nicki, "Where My Bad Bitches, Fck These N*ggas Give Them Trauma," Nick, and I-I-I-I-ride for my bitches, Nicki. Nicki Minaj's lyrics need to be 70% fck these n*ggas, and 30% fck hatin bitches.

She needs to go back to telling us girls to get our education, and we can rule the world. I posted an old video of Nicki Minaj speaking about "slouch" ass female rap contracts. We need an updated conversation w/ Nicki about these contracts. Biggie gave the boys "10 Crack Commandments", Nicki needs to "spill the tea" on these female rap contracts and give us

"10 Female Rap Contract Commandments."

I just feel like if Nicki can ride this "girl power" MOMENTUM as she did early in her career, she can own 2020 and beyond.


Do you believe there is any momentum that Nicki Minaj can ride from "Say So" going No.1?


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Lol they don’t but if she does release it, all I know is it’s gone have a lot of controversy but at this point I think she’s leaning more to not putting it out. But whatever happens, happens


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Jun 16, 2020

As far as the documentary goes, I would scrap it. The documentary doesn't serve a purpose but to bring up sh* that does not need to be brought up now. She needs to wait to release that sh*t for some type of anniversary thing.

I really wish Nicki would stop telling her fans stuff that she knows probably will not happen. They don't let anything go.


She also has a lot of collabs coming out from what I’ve seen with the snippets, I mean it’s good to keep her in the spotlight but she did say the album isn’t going to have features or little to none so that’s good! So I’m looking forward to that.


I think her next step would be if she is pregnant just come out with it for the album and the album named Onika with a pic of her with minimal makeup and her natural hair with the pregnancy bump speaking on REAL SHIT, of course with a side of cockiness lol. But that’s what I’m envisioning in my head and yeah the documentary of course.

Also did you guys hear the alternative version to Trollz which I guess was supposed to be Taco?? LisaRaye did one thing right cause I wasn’t feeling the spanish bars in the beginning. The final version is better.


I agree with the war on black women, she will be a perfect example, especially female rappers with the blackballing and stuff. However not to move away from music I was thinking of her expanding her platforms, I feel like she can extend her scholarship thing to outside her fans, speak to other abused girls, I like when she spoke to the girls at that school in Trinidad too. But I agree I hope her next move is solo but I want the comeback to be when things really get rolling again.

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