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Cardi B Announces New Single "UP" Drops This Friday


Cardi B announces her new single, "UP," will drop this Friday.

I figured there was a reason Ole Girl needed TSR unblocked so bad. She needs as many blogs to pump this song, no matter how it sounds, as possible. Time for them to jump out of her Birkin bags and get to work.

It will be interesting how this song does without a feature and I will be paying close attention to the propaganda...Oops, I mean the promotion.


Billboard told Ole Girl that we can't keep bending the rules for yo ass. Get those CDs in on time to be counted.


Cardi B claims she told TSR not to post her single lol. That has been what she has been talking to Angie about??? She really does not comprehend well. No one is saying TSR alone is the reason for her success. Atlantic puts money into way more things than ONE blog. It takes a village for Cardi B.

If the song is good, then it's good. But, if I see the same BS that happened with WAP...


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