Cardi B Cries On The Stand And A Juror Is Replaced

Updated: Jan 24

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The Cardi B case heats up as a juror is replaced, and Cardi lets those crocodile tears flow while on the stand. Dennis Byron, who has been at the trial from the beginning, reports that the judge replaced a juror after she commented about how bad Tasha K's video was. The judge removed her so that Tasha K would have no reason to appeal the ruling.

Byron also reports that Cardi B took the stand and broke down as she testified that Taska K's lies made her feel suicidal. Cardi B is quoted as saying, "I felt like only a demon could do that shit." Chile..these NY girls know how to lay it on thick when it comes to lawsuits.


Anyways...there was a great discussion about this case on CH yesterday. A lawyer questioned why Cardi B dropped her lawsuit against Star Marie when she was the one who made the herpes claims to Tasha K. If you listen to the interview, it does seem like both Star Marie, and Tasha K covered themselves when it came to speaking about the herpes allegations.

Now, I know Tasha K went on a rampage after this interview and she could have said some things that were clearly out of bounds, which may be why she can still be held liable for the herpes comments. But listen below.

EDIT 1/24

Cardi won her lawsuit, so I removed Tasha's video



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