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Cardi B Plans To Talk Her Sh*t When It Comes To Tasha K


The New York girls love dropping drama along with their music, so this morning Cardi B got on Instagram Live to let people know she doesn't plan on staying quiet about Tasha K and will be talking her shit. Now, unless Cardi B addresses Tasha in this "Tomorrow 2" remix with Glorilla, I don't get why that was on her mind the day she got something dropping.

Cardi B also took to Twitter to say, "Thinking they doing something when I got something BIGGER dropping on their necks....This is just the beginning." This kinda seems like shade towards the remix cause she is talking about having something "bigger." These NY girls...

Cardi B Tweets About Having Something Bigger Before Tomorrow Remix Drops.

I know the song is out in other countries, but I haven't heard it. Let's just hope this is not another Normani, Lizzo, and Summer Walker situation.


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