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Cardi B Snaps At Fan Who Points Out Beyonce Cares More About Diversity Than She Does




Y'all remember back in 2019 when Beyonce made headlines for allegedly turning down a partnership with Reebok over lack of diversity? That is how Ivy Park landed at Adidas. As we all know Cardi B is with Reebok and found no diversity issues because in her own words, "not everything is about race."

Well, a Cardi B fan used that situation to point out the character differences between Ole Girl and Beyonce.

Hot Hatch Hottie tweeted, "It’s interesting that Beyoncé turned down Reebok cause their board members were full of white people. But they moved to Cardi B and she was more than happy to collab. Speaks volumes about both characters.

Cardi B's Response: You are judging by character and everything I stand for of a lie and things you don’t even research about yet you out here mad fuck out of here.

I no longer feel sorry for Black girls who are self-proclaimed Cardi B fans. You get what you sign up for.


What are y'all thoughts on this?


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