Cardi B Threatens To Sue Gossip Blog OnSite: "Pushing Fake Content Is Not A Job It's An Obsession"


One thing about the female rappers from NY, they are gonna be in some drama.

Today, Cardi B threatened to sue Onsite after reposting a photo from her social media that was allegedly photoshopped to make it look like Cardi was still stalking Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B posted a video and wrote, "Literally old broads trying so hard to push photoshop content on their blogs to keep pushing the same ol tired ass beef, same ol narrative just for followers and clout and have a reason to discuss me . It’s tired and it’s old . Ya see a girl bless Breaking records, a new baby on the way and it really burn ya soul that ya gotta keep spreading photoshop lies then when ya get addressed act like a victim with “we just doing our job” Pushing fake content is not a job Is a obsession. Specially when ya do it with pictures involving my kid."


Now, anyone can sue over anything. I just don't know if Ole Girl has a case because this isn't really damaging her brand or reputation, even if she can prove the photo was edited. No one outside of STAN world even cares anymore. This narrative of her stalking Nicki Minaj has been run into the ground, even if it's true. People are exhausted.


What do y'all think about this drama?


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