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Chicago R&B Singer, Ann Marie, Arrested For Shooting Rumored Boyfriend In The Head

UPDATE: 12/9

911 call Ann Marie made after the shooting incident.


Ann Marie Arrested for shooting best friend

On Dec.1st, Chicago R&B singer Ann Marie, real name Joann Marie Slater, was arrested in Atlanta for allegedly shooting her rumored boyfriend in the head.

According to a police report obtained by The Shade Room, multiple police officers responded to the

Intercontinental buckhead Hotel ann marie

Intercontinental Buckhead Hotel on Peachtree Rd in reference to a person shot call. Upon arrival, they saw the victim on the ground with a visible gunshot wound to the head. The victim was somewhat responsive enough to give them his name.

This is where shit went wrong for Ann Marie. Per the report, the police describe Ann Marie as "hysterical" but note "no visible tears coming from her eyes." Um...yeah, she was a suspect real early.

Ann Marie claims that the gun fell off a hotel table, causing the weapon to fire and hit the victim. Another problem for Ann Marie. Um...the gun fired more than once, according to the evidence found in the room.


What the pick me bitches love saying, "3 sides to every story" or is that only for men...I can't keep track


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