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Chloe Bailey Reveals Artwork For Highly Anticipated Single "Have Mercy" And Drops Last Name

UPDATE: 8/8 at 12:37 PM PST

Chloe is not playing with you hoes. She dropped a sneak peek of the "Have Mercy" music video. I am feeling the song and the video looks good.



Before her upcoming VMA's performance on Sunday, Chloe Bailey revealed the artwork for her highly-anticipated single, "Have Mercy," on Instagram. The cover has Chloe with blonde faux locs, a very revealing mint green top, and cut-out jeans. Also, I noticed that she, like her mentor, dropped her last name. I am not sure if that is new, but I have never seen that before.

Four days ago, she posted a countdown to the Sept 10th release date of "Have Mercy."

It looks like Chloe has the look, the song, which I think is FIYAH, but does she have the support?


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2 comentarios

07 sept 2021

Not feeling the cover art

Me gusta

06 sept 2021

Can’t wait for her music.

Me gusta
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