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Did SZA Cry Wolf To Promote New Song "Hit Different" With Ty Dolla Sign?


On Friday, SZA released her highly-anticipated first single, Hit Different featuring Ty Dolla Sign, after a long, long, long a** break. The Neptunes produced song came accompanied by a self-directed music video currently trending #2 on Youtube. The song is receiving great reviews and, according to Chart Data, earned a top debut on US Spotify. It's currently #9 on Apple Music and #8 on iTunes. Now that we got all the stats out of the way, is the song actually good?




My first impression of Hit Different in one word..." meh" I watched the music video, and I guess because I

was not into most of the video, the song just did not do much for me. I remember thinking, SZA was going down the Summer Walker path where the music just doesn't hit the same. However, today I went for a walk and listened to it again, and the song "Hit Different, " pun intended lol. I am upgrading the "meh" to "good." The music sounds better today than it did last night for some reason. I don't think Ty Dolla Sign adds much. I'm not really into him as an artist.

I will say that the song switch at the 3:21 mark in the music video, and the snippet she shared on her Instagram page is what I want more of from SZA. Those songs got me excited about her project. If Hit Different is the weakest song on her forthcoming album, then we are in for a classic.