Updated: Mar 5, 2021

DJ Akademiks went on "Everyday Struggle" and claimed it "went down in the DMs" when Nicki Minaj threatened to break his jaw. He, like many in the media, played innocent and claimed that Nicki was only upset over an un-bias music critique he had given her. However, the rant he did about a month ago says different.

The above video shows DJ Akademiks in his feelings after the Queen Radio/Joe Budden Podcast swap. I believe he was mad over 3 things:

  1. Nicki called him a chipmunk/sidekick

  2. He was jealous that Joe Budden was able to stir up a huge buzz for his podcast, while he is still stuck on Everyday Struggle just stirring away.

  3. Nicki exposed him. I posted on my IG page the video where DJ Akademiks, claiming to have heard the original MS, lied about what Nicki had said on her verse.


In his rant he speaks about Nicki Minaj trying to get him fired from Youtube.....again. He loves telling different versions of this story when he gets mad at Nicki. When he told this story on Everyday Struggle he said Nicki Minaj asked around about him and he PRESUMED it was to get him fired off his channel. Me and Drizzy laughed at that. Why would Nicki Minaj try to get Dj Akademiks fired from the Dj Akademiks channel? Nicki is familiar with Youtubers and how the channels work. I have 2 question for DJ False Narrative:

  1. If you really thought that Nicki Minaj was trying to get you "fired", then why would you DM with her?

  2. Lots of rappers asked about you. Why didn't you PRESUME they were not trying to get you fired too?

It is no secret that he and Nicki Minaj have talked before through DM. So, why didn't he call her out then? He waits until his old buddy Joe Budden is on Queen Radio to rant about Nicki, as he sounds like he is trying to hold back tears? Also, in that rant you hear him say that even if one of Nicki's songs is hot, it's still trash. Does anyone really believe this guy doesn't use his platforms to bash artists? He's had problems with Drake, Meek, Vic Mensa, Nipsey (RIP), Casanova, Sza, 6ix9ine, XXXtenacion(RIP), Bhad Bhabie, Yung Bans, Migos, Chicago and not to mention other Youtubers.

This probably explains why some believe he used a message app to act like Nicki wrote him and others simply don't care.


I really do pity DJ Akademiks because I don't think his bias against Nicki Minaj has anything to do with her trying to "stop his bags" or her music. I think when he looks at Nicki, he is reminded of the type of girls he could never have. I say this because recently Youtuber - LiveWLiyah admitted that the reason she does not like NIcki Minaj is because she reminds her of the girls who picked on her in school.

DJ Akademiks reminds me of the male version of Liyah. Akademiks took Nicki calling him a "chipmunk" way harder than he took a threat to break his jaw (if the threat is even real). That is what stands out to me.

Remember a couple of years ago, DJ Akademiks's obsession for light-skin girls was exposed on a video where he was insulting singer SZA. That video has been scrubbed from social media but the conversations around the clown sh*t are still up.

Akademiks deleted video related to insults

AK is bitter that he had to deal with dark-skin girls and is taking it out on Nicki Minaj. Nicki is a symbol of all the light-skin girls who have rejected him in the past. This is the only way I can explain why he is so angry. If Nicki Minaj is having a meltdown, he is right behind her.


Why do you think Akademiks is so angry at Nicki Minaj?

Do you think Akadmemiks is lying?

Should Nicki Minaj respond?


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