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DJ Akademiks Says Nicki Minaj "P*ssy'd Out" After She Avoiding Saying Names On Queen Radio Live




DJ Akademiks, who has become a top female rap commentator to some, gave his penny with a hole in it opinion on Nicki Minaj's IG Live. He said, "You wanted to diss Meg Thee Stallion, you pussy'd out. Stop frontin your fck' move. You wanted to diss Meg Thee Stallion. You're not cool with her anymore. Stop with the sub-disses. You look weird when you do that."

Hmmm...his overall thought sounds familiar. I noticed I did not get anyone messaging me ordering me to post this like they did when he was talking industry plants. Do you mean to tell me those mofos who was sucking his chipmunk dick are no longer in the business of sending videos to the blogs???? Are Akademiks Chun-Li buns going to be repossessed???


DJ! play Lauryn Hill...

These games people want to play are only hurting female rap, and some will be hurt more than others.


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