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Doja Cat Accused of Stealing Album Cover Artwork

Updated: 8/31 at 6:33 PM PST

Doja Cat decided to update her album cover by picking another photo created by Dusty Ray over a year ago....I can't. She is basically just picking a stock photo for her album cover. I hope this is just a placeholder for her real cover cause otherwise this is lazy.

Doja Cat Replace Scarlet Album Cover Photo After Controversy


Doja Cat has removed the cover art for her forthcoming album, "Scarlet," after discovering that her artwork, which features a dark red spider against a white background with a single blood drop hovering above it, is almost identical to the artwork for the album "Of Gloom" by German metal band Chaver.




It is not clear how this happened, but it is possible that Doja Cat's team did not realize that the artwork was already being used by Chaver. However it happened, this is embarrassing for Doja Cat and the designer Dusty Ray. This is part of Doja Cat's album rollout, and mistakes like this make her team look like amateurs. Doja Cat's team has not yet commented on the controversy.

I can't...


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