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Doja Cat Leaks New Taco Bell Commercial And Says She's Going To Jail (Updated)

Updated 2/10 at 9:10 AM PST

The full Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial featuring Doja Cat is out. You can see things much better.


While Doja Cat may have not gotten her Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, she did get a lucrative brand deal from the fast-food giant just in time for the Super Bowl. Following in McDonald's and Popeye's footsteps but with a Pop twist, Taco Bell tapped Doja Cat to push their hot sauce

Even though the commercial is not out yet, Doja Cat went on IG Live to "leak" it. In it, you see Doja dressed as a clown when someone over a speaker says the ice cream machine is broken. Doja and fellow clowns get into their clown mobile where they turn into some cool yo mouth. It kinda came off like a diss to McDonald's...😂.

What do y'all think of the commercial and do y'all think there will be complaints about Doja doing a brand deal with a fast food company or is that bullshit only saved for the rap girls?


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