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Watch Doja Cat's Jaw-Dropping "Streets" Music Video


Doja Cat released her highly-anticipated music video for her hit song "Streets," Yes, it was worth the wait. This video is what you get when a high budget gets into an entanglement with a great concept. I have always preached that it does not matter how much money you give an artist; if the idea is shit, you will end up with a high-budget shitty video.

Doja Cat and her team had those storyboards on point.

The video starts off with a stuck-in-traffic taxi driver, played by model Kofi Siriboe, looking over to see a window mannequin. The mannequin, played by Doja Cat, comes to life and starts doing the viral TikTok "Silhouette Challenge." Red Light District tease.

The next scene shows Doja Cat, who looks like she had fallen out of a building, lying on top of a car's crushed hood, looking up at the camera. She is surrounded by zombies, which includes Kofi's sexy ass.

Then, Doja Cat as a black widow is crawling up a building to a gigantic spider web where a sexy meal awaits. In the fourth scene, Doja Cat is a wife living in a nuclear testing site with her "husband."

The music video ended with Doja Cat being in the back seat of the taxi cab alerting the driver that traffic was moving. He had been fantasizing about his passenger the whole time.

All the scenes worked, and I love the dark look of the video. I also feel it was smart for Doja to have a leading Black man for this project.

What did y'all think of this music video?


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Mar 10, 2021

The video was everything.


Mar 09, 2021

Perfecto!! Them incorporating the silhouette challenge was genius. On top of her looking beautiful whew!! With the video and her performing this at the Grammys, she'll be top 10 in a couple of weeks.

I didn't catch on to Hot Pink until a few months after its release, I'm glad I gave it a chance, baby Doja is working that album.

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