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Drake And 21 Savage Sued By Conde Nast Over Fake Vogue Cover Used To Promote Joint Album "Her Loss"

Drake and 21 Savage Face Lawsuit Over Fake Vogue Cover for Album "Her Loss."


Despite Drake and 21 Savage's joint album being called "Her Loss," it seems like they, specifically Drizzy, have been taking nothing but "Ls" since the album's Nov. 4th release. From album reviews complaining about Drake's singing and wanting more of 21 Savage. To Drake's most loyal demographic, Black women, dragging him about his GED, what he looks like behind that beard, alleged lipo, and more after

Drake and 21 Savage Sued By Vogue Owner For Fake Vogue Cover.
Counterfeit Vogue Cover By Drake and 21 Savage

Champagne Papi used a double entendre to imply Megan Thee Stallion lied about being shot on "Circo Loco."

Well, here comes another "L" for Drake and 21 Savage after they were hit with a very real $4M lawsuit by Conde Nast, the owner of Vogue Magazine, for using a fake Vogue cover as part of their promotional campaign for "Her Loss."

Conde Nast not only claims that the two rappers were not authorized to use their trademark, but the rappers ignored their request to cease using the counterfeit Vogue Magazine for promotion and as a means to fool the public. Conde Nast described this lawsuit as a result of the defendant's "flippant disregard" for their rights.

We know that $4M is nothing to Drake and 21 Savage, but Conde Nast is also having the courts consider triple the profits of the album. Was this album really worth all this drama?

On a good note, this album is projected to sell around 400K in the first week.


Update: 11/10 at 2:42 PM PST

The judge has already given Conda Nast/ Vogue a win in their lawsuit against Drake and 21 Savage. The two were ordered to stop using the fake magazine cover as promotion for their album "Her Loss," according to TMZ.

This won't do much since they no longer need the counterfeit covers, and I believe both artists have pulled down the promo from their IG pages. The only one still dumb enough to have it up is Drake's right-hand man, Chubbs, who seems to believe that since he was not directly sued, he can keep up the fake "thank you," implying that Vogue supported this hoax.

Drake's Right-hand Man, Chubbs, Refuses To Take Down Fake Vogue Magazine Cover Even After Ruling.

What I am waiting for is the ruling on the damages.


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