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Ebro Talks Nicki Minaj's Lil Baby Collab And LowKey Does Not Think Nicki Is The People's Champ

Credit: Hot97


Ebro claims he heard Nicki Minaj's upcoming single "Do We Have A Problem?" while they were on the phone, and he gives the song props. I don't know how much weight his opinion carries with fans, especially when it comes to female rappers. But I know for Nicki getting the stamp of approval from men is very important.

I want to note that the rollout for this song is giving me deja vu. It very 2018 Invasion Of Privacy promo. I am very interested to see how the promotion ramps up as we get closer to the release date.


Credit: Apple Music


Now, keep with the Ebro theme; he has an Apple Music show, Rap Life, with co-hosts LowKey and Nadeska. They spoke about Nicki Minaj winning XXL's "The People's Champ" award on their latest episode.

Lowkey argues that Cardi B is the real people's champs and says, "the things that Cardi does and what she stands for, I think those are the attributes of the people's champ."

Ebro did explain that he thinks that award was fan-voted.

Do y'all think that award should have been voted on by their committee or leave it with the people?


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Gbemi Soname
Gbemi Soname

Can you explain how the promo for the song is similar to IOP?

im curious by what you meant.



The people‘s champ means what? Is it based on just music or?

And people need to be able to tell when someone is pandering…😅

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