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Girl Tells JT To "Act Like A Celebrity" After A Verbal Back And Forth At NY Airport

City Girl JT Goes Off On Fan In NY Airport After The Fan Would Not Stop Following Her.


"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too," well, let's add Friday to the list after JT almost got into a fight at an airport.

This morning, JT took to Twitter to tell a crazy story about trying to catch a flight and hearing a girl yell, "OMG! It's JT!" JT being JT, mumbled "hey" and quickly ran into an elevator. JT thought she had escaped, but little did she know. While in the elevator, JT feels someone's hot breath on the back of her neck. When she turns around, she sees the girl she just ran from <insert scary movie music>.

I know JT was doing a Florida Evans, "DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!" in her head.

To make things worse, "Hot Breath Girl" was not just content with setting JT's neck on fire but wanted to film it. We know JT doesn't like people filming her. So, she asked the girl if she was recording. The girl replied, "No, I'm on Facetime." She then tells the girl to stop following her, and "Hot Breath Girl" loudly says, "OH, YOU REALLY LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE!"

JT was not going to let that slide and told her, "Yeah, I am. What's Up?" "Hot Breath Girl," then told JT, "This my city" in her NY voice...LMAO!

JT said she was ready to fight, but the ticket gate was near, so she cooled down. Well, "Hot Breath Girl" was not going to let no little ticket gate stop her, and kept following JT. So, JT verbally went off. "Hot Breath Girl's" response, "ACT LIKE A CELEBRITY."

I can't...


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JT could’ve stayed in jail because she hasn’t done shit since she got out but lost a vma nomination

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