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Making The Band's Freddy P Says He Plotted To Kill P Diddy After Puffy Threatened Him


Has anyone who has worked with Puffy, Diddy, or Sean Combs not wanted to kill him?

Making The Band alumni, Freddy P, told his fans the reason that Diddy doesn't fck with him anymore. He said that one day while working in the studio with Diddy, he was getting frustrated cause he wanted to go home. According to Freddy P, Diddy told him, "Oh, if you walk outside...who goes to say if you walk outside you won't be shot in the leg."

Freddy P felt threatened so he waited 40 minutes outside the studio ready to kill Diddy. Luckily for both of them, Diddy had left through another exit.

making the band freddy p


I have been in a Puffy, Diddy, Sean Combs rabbit hole for the past two weeks. I was listening to a book on the killing of 2 Pac, where some shit was said about Puffy. That led me to the book I am currently finishing up. Puffy has to be one of the biggest snakes in the business. So, I can see why Freddy P would be concerned with Diddy saying some shit like that.


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