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Glorilla And Cardi B Get Rowdy With their Homegirls In "Tomorrow 2" Music Video + Song Review

Cardi B Still Cannot Rap, But It Does Not Matter On Glorilla's "Tomorrow 2" Track Because The Song Is Fun.


Glorilla, your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, dropped her highly-anticipated remix, "Tomorrow 2," featuring Cardi B, along with a music video that brings new meaning to the phrase "Girls Gone Wild." The song is a normal insert a verse here type of remix, so let's talk about Cardi B.

Cardi B brought that same energy she had on the "Shake It" remix as she lets loose on her opps:

"I know that I'm rich, but I can't help it, bitch, I'm hood as fuck / I've been on these bitches neck so long, sometimes my foot gets stuck" or "She bought a chain, I bought the same one, even bigger / She throwin' shots; that's how I know I got her triggered."

One thing Cardi (and Pardi) she gonna give you a caption.

Luckily for Glorilla, Cardi's presence wasn't impactful enough to turn her into a feature on your own song. "Tomorrow 2" was built around the Memphis rapper's signature voice and energy, and even though Cardi B tried to tap into that, it wasn't enough to outshine CMG's rising star.

While I am always happy to give Cardi B the critique, she often avoids as a non-Black rapper and someone who still benefits from being the person who threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj. I don't feel like talking about how she lacks fluidity in her rapping and asking why she hasn't improved since Bodak Yellow because, honestly, the song and the video are fun, and sometimes that is all that matters. I had fun watching Star Brim, Gloss Up, and all the other girls being rowdy. It made me want to run around my living room, kick shit over, and hang from a lamp, LOL.

With all the drama in female rap, instigated by straight and gay messy bottoms, sometimes a girl just wants to have fun, which this video represents. So, I am going to let Cardi B slide...ELECTRIC, with this feature.

The music video is currently #3 on Youtube.


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