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Gloss Up Gets A Nicki Minaj Follow...YIKES!

QC artist Gloss Up Tweets About Nicki Minaj Following Her. Is Nicki MInaj Using The New Girls To Help Push Music?

A couple of days after Gloss Up started manifesting going on tour with Megan Thee Stallion, the dark cloud of female rap Nicki Minaj followed her. Gloss Up tweeted, "Bitch Nicki Minaj just followed me. I feel like that bitch!"

As one of my fave new female rappers, I would never want to burst her bubble, but what good has ever come to a female rapper after tweeting, "Nicki Minaj has followed me?"

Nicki has spent most of her career ignoring new girls and is now she is hyper-focused on any girl with a buzz. She knows her fans are into female drama, not female rap, and she uses these girls as a means to stir the pot when it's time to release a single.

Just like there was a room on CH warning Nicki to leave GloRilla alone, Nicki better keep her insecure; never going to drop a diss track ass away from Gloss Up too.


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