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HBO Max's Ballroom Show, Legendary, Canceled After Only 3 Seasons


The show that introduced ballroom culture to the mainstream and taught us how to do a sickening catwalk, twirl, duck-walk, and dips from the comforts of our living rooms bites the dust only after 3 seasons. It's been confirmed that HBO Max's Legendary has been canceled.

This is not totally unexpected, considering HBO Max announced they were cutting back on original unscripted content. Still, some had hoped, due to the cultural impact and no other shows occupying this space, HBO Max would keep Legendary, despite the high production cost.

Law Roach, who did what needed to be done on the show, reacted to the cancellation on IG:

"This breaks my heart….. after what this show and all the contestants have done for pop culture!!!! It's just unbelievable, almost disrespectful in a way. With that being said, I loved every minute of it and everyone who was a part of making it so great. Thank you @legendarymax"

Leiomy Maldonado, another judge who recently got dragged for shading former judge Megan Thee Stallion, tweeted:

I hope the show can find another home with some tweaks to the judging.


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