Headline Or HeadLIES: Cardi B Had Nicki Minaj SPOOKED And NERVOUS At Met Gala?

Video Courtesy of The Armon Wiggins Show


Yesterday "LA-based media personality" Armon Wiggins had STAN twitter shaking after reporting that Cardi B had Nicki Minaj SHOOKETH..Oops I mean SPOOKED and NERVOUS and staring into her phone for dear life at Monday's Met Gala.

So, according to him, Nicki Minaj was seated at the table behind Cardi B.

Who knew the Met Gala was so messy?

Anyways, as Cardi B walked past Nicki's table, she looked Nicki straight in the eyes. Nicki gave her a smile and Cardi returned one back.

If this is true, I believe those smiles were on some "Bitch, I see you, and you see me; so what's good?"

Now, according to Armon, when Cardi B was at her table, for whatever reason, she kept looking back at Nicki, only to see her trying to crawl into her phone.

I wonder if Cardi B kept looking back because she was a Lil "Spooked and Nervous" herself?

Even when Megan and Normani went over to speak to Cardi, Nicki acted like she ain't see shit, ain't hear shit. She was just on that damn phone.

So, y'all tell me: HEADLINE OR HeadLIES?


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