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Is Summer Walker Bloated Or Pregnant By London On Da Track And Will Erykah Badu Be Her Doula?


Summer Walker can't catch a break! If it is not people jaw jack'n about her birdbaths or comatose performances, it's London On Da Track's baby mama, Eboni, ruining her moment by revealing that Summer is pregnant...allegedly. Eboni posted, "Yeah, Summer pregnant by a n*gga putting his 3 baby moms on child support currently wit open cases."

This is not a new rumor. Last month, rumors started swirling that Summer was pregnant when she looked a Lil thick in a photo she posted. She clapped back and dismissed the gossip as her just being "bloated." However, the rumor is again gaining steam, not only because of London's baby mama's loose lips but also because of a TikTok video Erykah Badu's daughter, Puma, posted.

Puma, who was excited to have Summer Walker at her house, filmed Summer wearing an orange jumpsuit as she was hanging at her home. In one shot, when Summer turns to the side, she looks "bloated." Twitter did what it do after the video made the rounds.

We have to remember that Badu, a Doula, helped deliver Teyana Taylor's baby girl two months ago. I can see Summer being into home births, especially with being a germaphobe.

What y'all think?


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