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Jaguar Wright Threatens To Sue Youtuber Storm Monroe


In Audacity News, channel hopping fiction teller Jaguar Wright threatens to sue Youtuber, Storm Monroe, after he posted an interview with Young Muhammad, CEO of Caprice Music.

Jaguar "I'll tell you what you want to hear" Wright is upset that Young Muhammad referred to her as a "hot

pussy bitch" who was dick hopping in the clubs. Young Muhammad said of young Jaguar Wright, "She try'n to fuck every nigga before the next bitch fucked the nigga. That's just the type of personality, and she alcoholic."

Jaguar got her ass up on Instagram Live with flames blazing behind her going off on Storm Monroe. She said, "You finally crossed the line, congratulations. Now you too can be sued like your minion, master Tasha K. Defamation of character is a bitch, yo! You just gave me a suit, Storm."

There are more threats of lawsuits than celebrity "tea" on Youtube now, LOL.




Now, I am in no way defending what that nigga said about Jaguar because I do not know the truth. However, what he did to Jaguar was similar to what she recently did to Nicki Minaj.

Jaguar was upset at Nicki's STANs and decided to throw shots at Nicki to get back the Barbz. I understand that group working your last muthafck'n nerve, but that does not give Jaguar the right to make up shit about Nicki to show out for an audience.

I do not believe that Jaguar Wright has ever met Nicki Minaj, and if I am wrong, I will apologize. But I think she is another Rah Digga. Rah Digga spent years talking about Nicki Minaj, and then 2-years ago admitted she had never been the circumference of Nicki.

Jaguar Wright is addicted to ATTENTION and reckless with her tongue. So, now she is running around screaming "lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit." I'm thinking, "karma, karma, karma."

If you notice how Jaguar speaks about other artists, Erykah, Jill Scott, Nicki, Tevin, etc., there is always a sex

story. Someone is a hoe or being pimped. It's the same story, but different names.

What is funny is that later in her Instagram Live, Jaguar says, "More importantly, ya'll talking about SHIT THAT I DID 20-years ago. You're supposed to do dumb shit with your body parts when being young. That's called being young."

So, here she is, not denying shit; she is just blaming it on being young, dumb, and full of cum. But, she doesn't frame it so innocent when speaking on other artists. So, I don't know what lawsuit she is talking about because that doesn't sound like someone who has a case. That sounds like someone embarrassed about their past or at least embarrassed for her husband to hear about her past.

If this nigga is lying on Jaguar, he probably watched how she went viral. He is following her blueprint. I do not have any sympathy but I have plenty of popcorn.


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Jan 20, 2021

I wondered the same... why is it always sex stories?

"Whorree"- Blac Youngsta

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