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Jay-Z and Beyonce were seen sitting as Demi Lovato sang the National Anthem

Jay Z With Roger Goodell. Roc Nation Deal With NFL.

at Super Bowl LIV. No shock, they are receiving backlash for not standing. Tomi "Hot Air" Laher and others took to Twitter to call the Carters out.

I think Jay-Z and Beyonce have every right to sit during the National Anthem without backlash. However, Jay-Z's "actionable items" ass deserves to be called out for his continual hypocrisy.

Riddle me this, how is it OK for Jay-Z to sit for the National Anthem, while Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed for essentially doing the same thing. What is the difference between Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick when:

  1. Both represent the NFL

  2. Both create news headlines by not standing

*Kaepernick originally sat but was advised by a veteran that kneeling was more respectful

Beyonce and Jay Z sitting during National Anthem during Super Bowl
Beyonce & Jay-Z sitting during the anthem - Courtesy of TMZ Sports


One of the reasons Colin Kaepernick was blackballed was because

Jay Z With Beyonce At NFL Game. Jay Z Claims Black People Are Past Kneeling.

his peaceful protest was considered a distraction to the game. The NFL did not like the backlash it was receiving from White fans. Jay-Z is bringing that same type of backlash by choosing not to stand at the Super Bowl. So, shouldn't he lose his position as a glorified talent scout for the NFL? Will he be blackballed?

Let's not forget that Jay-Z sat his wanna-be revolutionary ass in front of the media and said: "We are past kneeling" when asked if he would kneel or stand. I guess the reporter should have asked Jay-Z about sitting.



Here is my theory of what Jay-Z is trying to do. He already used

Jay Z Turns On Colin Kaepernick For The NFL.

Colin Kaepernick's movement to broker a deal with the NFL, got his supporters to turn against Kaepernick and then got Kaepernick out of the way using a fake tryout with the NFL.

So, now Jay-Z uses Kaepernick's "Blueprint" to repair his image with those who think he is a sellout. He knows not standing will make headlines, and the NFL cannot get rid of him because Hip-Hop blindly follows him. Jay-Z gets to go back to being a faux activist, while still making money by working with the NFL. He is basically playing Colin Kaepernick, without any of the sacrifices.

Roc Nation doing that interview with NYT shows they are still trying to work a favorable narrative for this NFL deal, instead of let'n the work speak for itself. That alone should worry anyone who is a "wait and see" supporter.

Unfortunately for Jay-Z, if there is no pushback by the NFL, it makes him look like a token negro. This was probably planned with the NFL's blessing to stop any questioning of Jay-Z's motives.


What are your thoughts about Jay-Z and Beyonce not standing for the anthem?

Do you think it's a calculated move or support for players still protesting?



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