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Joe Budden Said Women Were "None The Wiser" When He Would Pretend To Put On Condoms During Sex


Once again, Joe Budden is going viral for proudly speaking about his past abuse of women. We know about the hittings, chokings, and sitting on stomachs; now, let's add "stealthing." This is the act of removing or damaging a condom without consent during sex.

Joe Budden giggled like a mischievous little boy as he confessed to going into corners and fake putting on condoms. While laughing, he said, "They're none the wiser."

But, if you find that disturbing, just wait until you get to the part where he admits that was just his "poor execution" to his plan of mastering how to bust through condoms during sex.

Those who yell the loudest about "The Culture" are usually the same ones who hate taking accountability when they show themselves to be a stain on "The Culture." So, of course, Joe backed someone whose solution to this story is for him to just do shows on Patreon because the problem is that people are not paying to hear him admit to crimes. it.

Joe Budden responds to viral audio of him admitting to removing condoms during sex by saying he should do Patreon.


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