TMuthafcknZ posted a video of Joe Exotic, incarcerated star of Netflix's Tiger King, ranting about why isn't he allowed to say the N-word.

The video shows Joe standing in his pet cemetery and howling, "It's absolutely pathetic; I can't say the N-word, but you can get on Youtube and watch any Black man's rap video and they're calling each other the N-word. What the hell! Is this discrimination, I'm white, and I can't say the N-word and they can?"

Are we really shocked? Joe is nothing but the Milo Yiannopoulos of the Big Cat community.

I wonder how he wanted to use the N-word. Was it, "Hey, my n*gga" or "Hey, there n*gger"? I think Shaq

was the only Black person in this documentary, and I don't remember if they even had black cats. This is why my favorite part of the series was when his ass got dragged by a tiger, and no one tried to help him...bwhahahaahahaha.

Speaking of being dragged...

Cardi B, in her never-ending quest to go viral, has attached herself to the Joe Exotic/Tiger King story by tweeting her endless support of Joe Exotic. I can see why she like so much:

  • They both love attention and will do anything to get it.

  • He is incarcerated. Ole Girl currently has felony charges that may lead to her being incarcerated

  • Both want to say the N-word

But, with this story going viral about Joe Exotic wanting to say the N-word, Cardi B has decided she doesn't

know this man. These hoes ain't loyal. Cardi B tweeted to a fan, "feed him to the lions" and "Heeiiilllll Naaawwww, not nomoooo" to freeing Joe.

I find it funny that she does not support Joe Exotic because he wants to say the N-word when many Blacks have questioned her about saying it. Can we feed her to the lions, tigers, and bears?

I need to know why did Cardi recently start following a fan page that posted a racist remark that she has already been dragged for?

She is so busy making lies about why people are confused about the coronavirus when what we are really baffled about is her hokey-pokey behavior when it comes to anti-Black remarks. Cardi B wants to be the Racheal Dolezal of Hip-Hop, she better start doing the work that Rachel Dolezal did.

Here is a screenshot from a Cardi B fan page where a racist tweet was posted. Cardi B recently followed this page and since we do hold female rappers responsible for what their stans do...I'm just sayin.

I originally posted this a couple of days ago in the forum area, but obviously the Rap Gawwwds wanted this to be upfront.

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