Karen Civil Doesn't Bite Her Tongue About DaniLeigh's "Yellow Bone" Song

I don't pay that close attention to the woman taking my baby AKA Da Baby, but after seeing Karen Civil's tweet, "Danileigh could’ve kept that song in the trash..." I had to know what song she was talking about.

I got to Danileigh's page and I heard "Yellow bone is what he wants," I knew this was the song. Dani, gurrrrl🤭. I hope this doesn't cause problems between her and Da Baby🥴. Danileigh has to be trolling or dumb to think this song is it.

When I saw Karen's tweet I died! We know Karen very rarely goes there on artists, so when she does I be like 👀.

Are people making a big deal over this song or should Danileigh throw it in the trash?

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