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Kelsey Nicole: Witness Turned Accomplice?


I want to share my thoughts on Kelsey Nicole because I find her behavior so baffling for someone who went through a traumatic experience and ended up losing a best friend over it.


First, let me make it clear that I believe the only role Kelsey Nicole played on the night Megan Thee Stallion was shot is that of a WITNESS. I do not believe in these fanfictions being spread by Tory Lanez supporters, naming Kelsey as the real shooter. They are trying to paint Kelsey as this Black woman who, in a jealous rage, attempted to shoot her best friend, and while Tory tried to wrestle the gun away from her, it accidentally fired 4-7 shots hitting Megan in her feet. I will admit this sounds like a great episode of Chicago PD, but this is real life with real consequences. There are several reasons not to believe this narrative, but just to name two:

  1. Megan identified Tory as the lone shooter.

  2. If there were a struggle over the gun, wouldn't Megan have turned around to see Tory trying to save her life, and thus be hit in the front area of her foot where all those bones and tendons Joe Budden, Tory, and others love talking about? But instead, she was hit in the back fatty heal/ankle area of the foot as if she was walking or running away.

Nonetheless, Kelsey's decision to only respond to random comments on blogs or have family members speak on her behalf allows Tory Lanez to use her as his "reasonable doubt." Previously, I mentioned how

Tory wants us to believe he did not shoot Megan but isn't offering up another suspect. Even OJ allowed his son to be used as a pawn in his murder trial. Well, it's obvious Tory has decided to use Kelsey as his scapegoat, and Kelsey's behavior is starting to make people believe she was bribed.

Kelsey…or should I say her sister, suggested that the reason that Kelsey is angry at Megan is that she didn't make a statement saying; specifically, Kelsey did not shoot her. Not really sure why Kelsey felt she needed Megan to say that, considering the narrative at the time was Tory Lanez had protected Megan from a botched robbery (It seems Tory was doing a lot of "protecting" that night). However, if Kelsey is so concerned about false allegations, enough to lose a best friend over it, why is she posting cryptic PSAs and hanging out in the comments section of blogs as Tory's team clearly points the finger at her? She wanted Meg or Roc Nation to put out this press release proclaiming her innocence, but now that people are actually accusing her of shooting Megan, she won't even do for herself what she expected from them. It's very suspicious. Let me find out that Kelsey switched from being a witness to an accomplice. Is she allowing Tory Lanez to use her to raise "reasonable doubt" in exchange for money, or is there a romantic relationship?

I know she probably doesn't want to clear up too much surround the shooting due to her grudge towards Megan, but this will backfire on her ass. At the end of the day, Megan has fans, Tory has fans, she doesn't. The longer she waits to speak up for herself, the more time she gives people to convince themselves she may have done it. She will then have to spend the rest of her career dealing with rumors because she tried to milk her 15 min. of fame.

Megan Thee Stallion's Ex-Best Friend Kelsey Nicole


Updated: 11/3


Well, since we last gave Kelsey Nicole the side-eye, she has decided she will do an interview to "clear her name," and she is now hanging out with the men of 1501 Entertainment, Carl Crawford, and J Prince. What is that saying, "When haters link up?"

Kelsey, Kelsey,'s obvious she is not thinking about her own brand but trying to stick it to Megan and whoever else she thinks she is hurting. The optics are so bad, and it doesn't help that she came off like she was reading a teleprompter. Carl looked nervous as hell...hehehehe.


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