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Lil Baby Excuses His All-Star Weekend 2 On 2 Performance and Are Chris Brown and Quavo Still Beef'n?


Lil Baby is getting dragged for how awful he played in the celebrity 2 on 2 basketball game this All-Star Weekend in Atlanta. However, Lil Baby wants everyone to know he did not embarrass himself for free. That does not help, Lil Baby. Also, his first outfit🥴.



Now, let's get into something more interesting. Chris Brown responded to that mess of a game and posted, "They knew who not to ask for on that 2 on 2 basketball. I would've cooked Quavo and Jack! On my soul! Guess they wanted a smoke-free zone."

When I first saw Chris Brown's post, I didn't think much of it because it's typical basketball trash talk. So, when Quavo responded with, "Chris Brown Aint cooking NAN Call next Nigga!!!" I laughed it off again.

However, it just occurred to me that about 4 years ago, Chris Brown and the Migos tried to fight after the BET Awards. Remember, Quavo was dating Karreuche. Two years ago, Chris Brown and Offset went back and forth after Chris posted a meme joking about 21 Savage being from London.

I don't remember them making up, so now I am looking at these messages a lil different. We know Chris Brown doesn't give a damn if people like him or not.

Is this why Chris Brown was not asked to play? The NBA knows he's into these tournaments. I did think it was odd he wasn't playing.


Oh...and Quavo and Lil Baby are both QC but were on opposite teams. We all head the rumors about tension in that camp between Lil Baby's crew and the Migos.


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