Y’all know I listen to Star Brim’s podcast, Keeping It Bute. I really think Star Brim has a great podcast voice; however, you need more than a great voice, you need great content. Lately, it's been feeling like Star Brim just does the podcast to fill time.


Who would have thought that MariahLynn would be good content? I only know MariahLynn as that girl who tried to diss Nicki Minaj with BARZ on Mouse Jone’s

Podcast. I have never watched her on LHH. I always wondered where do these rando rappers come from who feel it is OK to disrespect a legend, who kept a genre viable for them to even have a chance to feed their families with...BARZ.

Well, after hearing MariahLynn talk about her childhood, I see they come from broken homes and desperation. All these girls who try to use Nicki Minaj's name for their come up are desperate in some way. They are running from abuse, loneliness, or poverty. If they have to diss Nicki Minaj to get on, GROCERIES!


Whenever Star Brim interviews a rapper, she brings up if it is OK to have a ghostwriter. She is trying to prove it is no longer an issue, by making it an issue on her show all the time. Anyways...

Anyone who followed me on Instagram knows why I feel there is this newfound fondness for ghostwriting:

  1. Protect Drake's legacy

  2. To make money off female rappers

MariahLynn's comment supports my second suspicion. MariahLynn is proud of her writing, for whatever reason, she thinks she is dope. She is only open to having a ghostwriter to gain access to the writer's connections. You notice that Star Brim knew precisely what she was talking about lol.


Being a ghostwriter is the new-old hustle in Hip Hop. There has

always been ghostwriters, but now the Hip Hop industry is trying to remove the "ghost" part. New female rappers are being targeted and used to make bags for these writers. This is the female rapper's price for entry. That is why there is this push to remove the stigma from having a ghostwriter. This is the lowering of the bar Nicki Minaj set. It is also an attempt to water down a major part of Nicki's legacy if this becomes acceptable to top femcees and fans.

Let's look at Dreamdoll, who is reportedly signed to Atlantic Records. Hitmaka is a VP at Atlantic Records, produces songs for Dreamdoll, and writes some of her rhymes. So he gets a check for being a VP, a check for creating her music, and a check from writing. What is left for Dreamdoll?

Female rappers accept these terms believing they will be the next Nicki Minaj when all they are doing is helping to ruin female rap.


Another conversation that caught my attention between Star Brim and Mariahlynn was when Mariahlynn said she thought Star Brim was Spanish.

You notice how Star Brim is Black, and Ole girl is "Spanish." I do not think they call Black Latinos, "Spanish" in NY. Also, Star Brim says the strip clubs are filled with the Spanish girls, not Black girls. MariahLynn refers to Ole girl as Spanish.

We know what it is, but I had to laugh cause there was no..."ole girl is Black." I guess they forgot what script Ole Girl was using LOL.


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