Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Pardi Drama And Kelsey Nicole's Sister Acts Just Like Her...Annoying

This is going to be a two-for-one post since both of my thoughts involve Megan Thee Stallion.

I only got to see a snippet of Megan's IG Live because, of course, she decided to get on when I was handling some personal shit😩. She said what I expected her to say. As we discussed in my initial post, I did not know if Pardi had jealousy issues or if he was doing some New York; "I need to show these people I ain't no punk...RAH, RAH!"

Either way, I do not like that Megan Thee Stallion, the person who did nothing wrong, is the ONLY one

speaking on this issue. Megan was peeing. Pardi was the one caught on video yelling and crashing through bathroom doors. Is this why he is stuck as a ghostwriter?

It bothers me that it appears Pardi is hiding behind Megan. He knows there is a smear campaign, even if it is a clumsy one, going against Megan. Yet, he is hiding, and Megan is out here defending their relationship solo, dolo. She did not help him bust down that door. He should be out here saying, 'Y'all need to stop talking about my girl, whoopty-woo, I was wrong for what I did, whoopty-woo, etc." But, instead, Gorilla Glue got his tongue. He is acting like a cowardly lion, and that is the unsexiest thing a nigga can do.

Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey's....sister. Kelsey and her sister need to stop. After Kelsey's attempt at attention by calling out celebs RIGHT AFTER a tragedy, here comes her sister. She was upset that Megan spoke out on the Pardi bustin down doors situation, for whatever reason.

This narrative that Megan did not clear Kelsey's name makes no sense. First, what credible platform was blaming Kelsey for shooting Megan? We do not count those who claimed Tory Lanez's charges were dropped. Second, Megan, the VICTIM, was waiting for Kelsey's ass to tell WHO DID SHOOT her.

So, Kelsey wanted Megan, who was shot, to clear her name, but Kelsey, who was not shot, still refuses to tell us who shot Megan. Well, that seems even to me. The only reason anyone thinks that Kelsey shot Megan is Tory's online legal team and the information he put out about gun residue. So, why not keep the same energy for Tory?

At this point, it seems like Kelsey wants sympathy and attention because she misses Megan and is mad that Meg has not forgiven her. If she genuinely believes Megan was not a good friend to her, why not move on and find new friends. She must still be whining to her sister for her to be so worried about Megan's IG Live and not Texas.

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