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That was an awkward moment from last night's Instagram Live between Megan Thee Stallion and her

friend Munchi over a charger. The Ariana back and forth remark had me crying for real. Everything after that exchange was L.I.T.!!!

Easter night, after a macaroni & cheese / baked beans cook-off, Megan and her friends got on Instagram

Live to turn up with fans. It was clear early on that Megan may have had a few too many drinks, but she wasn't sloppy drunk. She just did not have much of a filter, which is what made the LIVE so fun. Megan may have been trying to make up for her canceled Coachella performance by bringing Coachella to her house...LOL.

Megan and her friends rapped and danced to Lil Kim, Trina, Drake/CB, etc. They even got Karrueche on the phone.



But the fun really began when an impromptu HOT GIRL RADIO started. The response to Tory Lanez's

Quarantine, Quartine, Quarantine Radio. Megan commenced Hot Girl Radio by saying, "All the Fck N*ggas Have Been Defeated." I knew after that it would be on and popping like Rerun.

Megan and her friends started coming up with silly rhymes about Fck Boys, who just are not up to please their women. They were saying things like, "Welcome to Hot Girl Radio where all your hoe-ness is deleted, and all the fck boys are defeated." or "if the Magnum did not fit, you did not hit." They then went on to accept Live requests from fans to discuss men who did not hit because they could not fit the Magnum....LMAO!

Word got out that this was the hottest Instagram Live going, and celebrities like LaLa, Tyga, etc. joined the party before Megan decided it was bedtime.


Here are more clips from the Live:


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J La
J La
Apr 13, 2020

I’m glad she let loose and had fun! Happy Easter y’all!! ❤️

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