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Melii Says "Stop Playing With My Pen" After Fans Claim Tory Lanez Wrote Her New Single "Cartier"

Tory Lanez Artist, Melii, Wants People To Know That The Accused Shooter Did Not Write For Her On New Song Cartier.


Last night, Mellii took to social media to clapback at fans who claimed Tory "Tasha K" Lanez wrote her new single "Cartier." One fan posted on IG, "Tory wrote this, but this could be his new Foxy/Jay Kim/Biggie...the flow is there🔥." Talk about the delusional comparisons, but I guess that was a slick way of saying that Tory can turn Melii into his rap puppet.

Mellii responded on both IG and Twitter to clarify that while she is influenced by Tory, who we all know is highly influenced by many other artists, she writes her own shit. She wrote, "Go back to my freestyles and even to my own music of course he's inspired a lot but never writes for me."

Can we just normalize that women write until we find out they don't just as we do with the men?


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It sound good...but why I she influenced by Tory lanez....and most importantly when did he get this many fans and supporters I must've not been on social media fr when he was coming up or something....what I'm missing?

Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Feb 18, 2022
Replying to

He does not have fans, he has the support of Megan haters. They are very temporary, LOL.

Melii is or was signed to Tory.

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