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Nicki Minaj Sues Social Media Personality Nosey Heaux Live For Calling Her A "Cokehead"

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Nicki Minaj Tries To Bully Bloggers Who Have Supported Jennifer Hough, The Woman Raped By Her Husband Kenneth Petty. Nicki Sues Blogger Nosey Heaux Live.


Who needs to go to Rolling Loud when Nicki Minaj is going to give you a way better show on Twitter?

Today, TMZ reported Nicki Minaj filed a lawsuit against social media personality Nosey Heaux Live for her comments, alleging Nicki Minaj was a "cokehead" who was "shoving in all this cocaine up her nose" during her Youtube Live show on Monday.

According to Rolling Stone, the complaint filed today in NY federal court also highlighted that Nosey Heaux posted "vile" comments about Nicki's 1-year-old son, only known as Papa Bear. Nicki and her lawyer conceded that nothing can be done legally about those comments, but they want Nosey's insults to be taken into consideration when it comes to punitive damages.

So, to be clear, this lawsuit is not about Nosey talking about Papa Bear. It's just over the "cokehead" comments.

Nosey Heaux's lawyer, Bob Samini, told Rolling Stone this lawsuit is nothing but an act of retaliation for Nosey doing an interview with Jennifer Hough, the woman who was "allegedly" sexually assaulted by Nicki's husband in the 90s. Samini is quoted as saying, "There is no doubt that this will backfire for Ms. Minaj once the public learns about the intimidation and harassment that Marley has suffered, all as a direct result of her mission to give other sexual assault survivors a voice.



I guess this is how Nicki Minaj plans to become a mogul by suing small blogs run by Black women.

Even though Nosey said what she said, I do not think this is a clear-cut win for Nicki. The burden is on her to prove Nosey a liar, so are WE ARE GETTIN DRUG TESTS??? Nicki already offered to give up her hair. Hopefully, she can throw a lie detector test in there too.

But, the three things I want to know are:

  • If any men made Nicki's binder full of lawsuits

  • Do all these bloggers in these files have ties to supporting Jennifer Hough

  • Which artists are in these files

Also, I think it is wise for Nosey's lawyer to make this about retaliation for supporting Jennifer Hough because this again brings up what Nicki wants to bury and lends credibility to Jennifer's claims in her current lawsuit against Kenneth Petty.

Oh, and if Nosey has not been officially served yet, she should pull a Petty and not open the door to accept the papers, LOL.

It's all chess...THOUGHTS?


Sidenote: Nicki's fans are so fck'n obsessed with me. Unless Nicki is just suing people for headlines, I have nothing to worry about.

Also, I don't advertise my blog. I don't link up with other content creators. I just sit over here minding other people's business. So, if you read my shit, it's because you search for it. I blocked this Oompa Loompa ass nigga to help him out.


Updated 9/16 at 1:48 PM PST

I read Nicki Minaj's 4-page complaint, and in my unprofessional opinion, this is nothing but a vanity lawsuit used to soothe the fragile ego of a soon-to-be former superstar trying to use the courts in her personal vendetta against another female rapper.

Besides that, this is just another normal everyday lawsuit...😂. But, I do want to highlight two points about this complaint.



This lawsuit states this action is to "vindicate the reputation of Plaintiff." I am not excusing anything Nosey said, but the drug allegations were around way before Nosey and will probably stick around after Nosey. Nicki's "unhinged" behavior caused people to speculate about her drug use, not Nosey. So, what damage did Nosey's comments really do to Nicki's reputation?

In statement #3, Nicki's attorney argues that Nosey's tweet calling her a "cokehead" led to a "firestorm of social media attention." I suspect this "firestorm" is related to the