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Nicki Minaj was able to do something most artist can’t do; be a legit star in two different genres. There are artists who have crossover hits, but Nicki Minaj was able to make great pop and rap music. This is why she often was competing against pop girls and rap artists. This ability to jump between genres also allowed her to have a longer career than most other female rappers, break records, and be able to build a huge and diverse fanbase.


But now after 10 plus years in the business, Nicki wants to defend her rap crown....again. Nicki Minaj has made it clear in interviews with Rob Markman, Funkmaster Flex, and on her own Queen Radio Show that #HipHop is where her heart is and that her legacy within the culture matters to her. But while Nicki Minaj is trying to defend her rap legacy, her pop fans are trying to hold her hostage to "Super Bass" & "Starships". They are the fans who bought all in to Nicki's "Barbie" persona, to the point where one has to question if they even realize that Nicki is real person. I often think of Richard Pryor in the movie 'The Toy' when I see how Barbz treat Nicki.

One of the major problems Nicki has is that Pop Nicki has overshadowed Mixtape Nicki for years. Even though she kept out rapping her male counterparts, there was this feeling she was more comfortable hanging with Ariana Grande than with other rappers. This allowed her Pop stanbase to grow, while her rap fanbase wandered off.



So, Nicki Minaj is at a crossroads in her career. Does she cater to a Pop Stanbase who is currently more concerned with if she is pregnant than her rap legacy or try to win over those fans who felt she went too pop. Those rap fans who are now rapping to Megan Thee Stallion, Tierra Whack, and City Girls will be harder to win over. But if she can do it, she will guarantee herself another 10 yrs and her rap legacy will be teflon. With Megatron dropping tonight, we will see which fanbase Nick Minaj decides to cater to.

Is Nicki Minaj Too Pop?


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