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Bashar "Pop Smoke" Jackson's family releases a statement:


The NY Times is reporting that the suspects who murdered rapper Pop Smoke did take some items from the house, however, the usual signs of robbery were not present at the scene (i.e. ransacking). So my interpretation is that the police are implying that the suspects may have known what they wanted and where it was located. So, the cops are still not sure if the motive was the items or if Pop Smoke was the intended target.

Also, Pop Smoke was not in the same part of the house as his guest. So, that explains why maybe no one else was shot.


TMuthafcknZ is reporting that rapper Pop Smoke was concerned about gang members before his death. However, based on the story they wrote they did not support that narrative. Obviously, they want people to believe that Pop Smoke was scared for his life. He may have been, but not based on what TMuthafcknZ wrote.

I read this and all I got from it was that Pop Smoke cancelled a show to avoid any problems while he was out on bail for his car theft case. I would assume there are gang members at every Pop Smoke show. The only difference with this cancelled show is that he had just got that car theft charge.

Now, when I tweeted about how TMuthafckZ's story did not make sense, someone told me that one of his girlfriends posted something about him feeling someone was watching him. So, I immediately thought TMuthafcknZ does not want to admit their "sources" are Twitter/IG posts (like most blogs), so they connect the girlfriend's information to a story about a cancelled show. Nowhere in their story do they say NYPD told them that Pop Smoke was scared for his life. In fact, they say NYPD told them it was "self-preservation" because of the order to stay away from other gang members. Let's not forget that Pop Smoke was not allowed to perform at Rolling Loud by NYPD because they viewed him as a problem. It was not for his safety. Pop Smoke could have decided he did not want to risk cops shutting down his show and accusing him of violating his terms.

"As we first reported"...um more like as you updated your story. They first reported this as a home invasion and were busy speculating if a rapper's Instagram caption had clues as to who murdered Pop Smoke.

TMuthafcknZ wants to be "first" so bad that they are now just trying to find anything that supports the "targeted hit" narrative. Now, y'all know I always thought it was targeted hit, but what I will not do is use Twitter/IG sources, not give credit, and try to include unrelated incidents in order to appear like I have "exclusive" information.

Either TMuthafcknZ is not good at writing stories that support their overall point or they are just throwing out guesses as source supported information.


There are now reports that rapper Pop Smoke was not killed during a botched home invasion but may have been targeted by the killers. This is what I had speculated based on the details released by the media.

According to TMuthafcknZ, the surveillance footage from the incident shows 4 men approaching Pop Smoke's rental home. Three enter through the front and one appears to go around the back of the house. The men enter the home and leave without any possessions.

Obviously, we want more sources than TMuthafcknZ confirming this. We know they are a report first, not always accurate publication.


Pop Smoke inadvertently posted his address while showing off packages on social media.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the police are looking into getting video from LPRs and cameras that surround the neighborhood.

Early this morning Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke was fatally shot in an alleged home invasion per multiple news outlets. Around 4:30 AM unidentified suspects wearing hoodies and masks broke into the home Pop Smoke was renting and fired multiple shots. Pop Smoke was pronounced dead at Cedar-Sinai in West Hollywood.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that police were called after someone from the East Coast reported that several suspects had entered their friend's home shortly after 5 AM. When the police arrived they found Bashar Barakah Jackson AKA Pop Smoke with multiple gunshot wounds.

Pop Smoke Living the Life in Cali

ABCNews is reporting that the shooting is gang-related.

Many in Hip Hop/R&B expressed shock and grief after hearing this news.

I will update this story here as new information is released.

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