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Queen Key vs. Jazmine Cheaves: Triplets, Tattoos, and 600 Breezy

Queen Key Calls Out Jazmine Cheaves Over DNA Comments.


On this lovely, drama-filled Friday, we've got an unexpected social media showdown between Queen Key and Jazmine Cheaves, the sister of Jayda Wayda. And it all started with Jazmine flaunting 600 Breezy's back tattoo of her business logo.

Yep, Jazmine is dating Queen Key's baby daddy, 600 "deadbeat" Breezy.

So, after Jazmine made her proud post, the comment section being the comment section on Instagram, you know they can't just give an "awww you go, girl" and move on peacefully.

Oh no, someone had to stir the pot with the triggering, "We don't do deadbeats, sis, but anyways." And that's when shit went left. Jazmine decided to clap back, declaring, "Girl, one thing y'all kno, I DNT PLAY BOUT THEM KIDS ‼️ period. If that was the case, I would never. Be fr. Y'all just be tlking. He take care of HIS REAL KIDS, for sure. I watch him."

And because that wasn't enough to satisfy the social media drama gods, Jazmine had to take it a step further. She challenged Queen Key, who we all know has triplets, to go ahead and prove that 600 Breezy is indeed the daddy by taking a DNA test, and she will be right there standing by her man.



Queen Key was alerted to this mess and responded, "Tagging me is crazy. Speaking on my kids is even crazier😭." Queen Key then took it to Twitter, where she reminded everyone that she had 600 Breezy right where she wanted him, all on his knees, doing... well, you know. And to top it off, she made it clear that she could've easily dragged him to court and demanded some serious child support, but she decided to be generous and let him off the hook.

Let me just say this; women have got to stop windmilling for their niggas over matters that happened before them. I am sure 600 Breezy is telling her what she wants to hear, but if Queen Key decides to do that DNA test, I have a feeling it will not end well for his pockets, and Jazmine will look stupid because she fell for the okey-doke.

Believe your man in private, ladies!

Let 600 Breezy deal with the matter publicly, or keep ignoring his kids like he has been doing. Now because Jazmine had to go off, he is being dragged, and old videos and photos are being posted that I am sure he wants to forget.

How it started:

A proud tattoo post.

How it's going:

Photos of 600 Breezy eating Queen Key's...


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