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Quick Review: Doja Cat's "Get Into It (Yuh)" Music Video


Video Treatment

Doja Cat learns that her beloved cat, Starscream, has been taken hostage by an evil intergalactic space alien. So she and her space dancers go on a mission to save her cat. They are able to defeat the space alien by using twerking as a form of distraction.

I did make that shit up.


Doja Cat's "Get Into It (Yuh)" Proves She is A Pop Girl Who Needs To Grow Up Before She Becomes Overhyped.

Continuity vs. Reptiviness

An overhyped song got an overhyped video. While I do applaud Doja Cat for her continuity, something I wish more artists would pay attention to when putting together the visuals of their albums, she is becoming repetitive.

I feel like this was probably the weakest and least thought out of all her music videos.

Doja on some planet - check

Dance break - check

Product placement - check

Yes, we all saw the water ad.

I assume 5th Element was an inspiration, but I saw some Weird Al Yankovic inspiration too, which is funny considering Doja got into a Twitter tussle with an artist who told her to take herself more seriously.


Nicki Minaj's Barbz Lied About Her Appearing In Doja Cat's Get Into It Yuh Video. They Start Problems With Megan Thee Stallion Out Of Jealousy and Anti-Blackness, But Make Up A Friendship With Doja Cat. Doja Cat Does Not Like Nicki Minaj.


Just like Nicki was not on the song, she was not in the video, but I told y'all Doja Cat is a savvy LA girl. She don't have to say shit, she already knows Nicki's fans will do all the work - Law #7.


Say Sumthin, Tap The Heart, Share...Thanks!

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If Megan or City Girls wouldve put out some gibberish ass shit like this they would be dragged all up & down social media but when doja does it it is seen as artsy or creative. i feel like people praise her so much more over the unambiguous black female rappers because her music has a closer proximity to white people. I feel like people also do this with SZA & Summer Walker. people act is if SZA is miles ahead of Summer in talent, because her music has way more mainstream appeal and she has white fans meanwhile Summer wrote her entire debut EP at home in her bed & Summer plays the guitar. It is nothing new.

Replying to

!! The same could be said about I'm older now I see alot shit for what it is...Nicki got by off alot of her fans being white and gay. Not saying she isn't talented but let's not act like ALOT of her mainstream stuff didn't sound similar to this.

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