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Random Thoughts About The Girls Dropping This Friday


The girls are coming!!!

This Friday Megan, DreamDoll, and Doja Cat will be dropping singles. Along with them Nicki and Cardi are on Polo G and Migos albums. Now, The Vault Uncut did suggest that Nicki may be dropping more than one song, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The point is the girls are coming and that is a good thing. I want the girls to dominate the charts this summer. The guys are not putting out superior music, but they don't have to deal with STAN bullshit and sabotage tactics.




Have y'all noticed that Cardi B's features don't do good? The only songs that do well are the songs that Atlantic is responsible for pushing, which are her solo songs or songs she has features on. Even the song she did for DJ Khaled went nowhere, but I have a feeling that if Atlantic were pushing it, she may have had another #1.

Is Cardi B really popular or is it all push????



There was a spectacle made out of Nicki unfollowing Megan Thee Stallion. Yung Miami was laughed at for asking to be unblocked by Nicki. With all the talk that still happens about Nicki unfollowing 'the girls," why is the fact that Doja Cat and Nicki don't follow each other being brushed under the rug???? I don't know if Doja Cat doesn't follow Nicki because she is blocked, but the fact that people have decided this is a non-story, makes me think this is a fck'n story.

Doja Cat got a #1 with Nicki and after Where are all the narratives, all the "insider information," tarot card reading???

Has anyone heard anything?


UPDATE: 6/9 at 7:43 AM PST

Doja Cat is downplaying "Need To Know" for some reason. There are rumors it's a song with The Weeknd. I do not like The Weeknd's fake MJ singing voice. I hope it's a solo track.


UPDATE: 6/9 at 1:08 PM PST

Cupcakke is dropping too.


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