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Rumor Me This: Did Tory Lanez Knock Out Alsina For Not Shaking His Hand? (Updated)

Did Tory Lanez Knockout August Alsina?



Tory Lanez and August Alsina performed at the Fall Back In Love Comedy & Music Jam in Chicago, but it seems it may not have been all love. According to various sources on Twitter, Tory Lanez knocked out August Alsina after Alsina refused to shake his hand.

Purportedly, Alsina wasn't into all that "What's up my brotha" shit since Tory had gone out of his way to say something slick about him during that entanglement era. In turn, Tory was not into being rejected, so now we have this story.

There is no video proof of this altercation or a statement from August Alsina. With Tory Lanez promoting his album due out this month, I am not above calling this a hoax.

Tory is out on bond for a felony assault case, and if this story were true, he is putting himself in danger of the prosecutor revoking his bond and having to await his trial in jail. Let's not forget that the DA wanted him to be locked up after his second restraining order violation. If he were to get locked up, I bet we won't see any more delays.

But there is a chance this story is true because Tory is still the dumbass who got 2 violations and thought it was smart to cut up horse legs in a music video.

Tory Lanez Denies Fight With August Alsina.

So, let's just watch how this story develops and if this is nothing but a hoax he is putting on with the help of some blogs.


Updated: 9/18 at 9:07 AM PST

GOTC posted an eyewitness's account of what happened, and this person is saying it was staged by Tory Lanez and recorded. I am getting Travis Scott deja vu.

I need August to come out and make a statement for himself and not just retweet shit. I don't know if he is avoiding making a comment so that Tory does not end up in trouble with his felony assault case, or he's playing Kelsey and waiting to be paid off not to speak.

Either way, I am still suspicious about the way this story is trickling out and the source.

We will see...


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Sep 20, 2022

Hold up. I'm confused. Is the post confirming everything August is saying, only to claim it was staged on Torys end?

Whatever this is. The tour promoter doesn't seem to be in on the joke and Tory is off the tour. If this were another flop collab, this is playing out horribly. DA is allegedly making calls and that video does not look good.


Sep 18, 2022

Him and his antics are exhausting.


Very tired of him and his

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