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Saucy Santana Teases DJ Akademiks Diss Track On Instagram

Saucy Santana Drops DJ Akademiks Diss Track.

DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana have been throwing shade at each other left and right. But guess what? Saucy Santana just said, "Enough is enough!" Instead of hosting a town hall meeting like Akademiks, he took his beef straight to the studio.



On his Instagram, Saucy Santana dropped a teaser of an unreleased track, where he didn't hold back one bit. No pun intended, but Saucy Santana got in DJ Akademiks' ass:

"If you chatt'n gotta come up out the house

Be a man, get yo ass off of that couch

You get'n punk'd by a gay dude

You a bitch, try'n to blame it on some gay rules

I hope these wack labels pay you

Cause the way you talk about bitches is too hateful

These bitches so bad you should be grateful

That's why these bad bitches never want to date you

If it's a pussy that you want, a pussy you don't get

So when you see a bad bitch you break out in a sweat

So when you see a bad bitch you break out in regret

You tuck yo dick, then pop it on the internet"

Saucy Santana is not hiding from any of the smoke. But we all know that Akademiks wants to hang out at his home or HEEEEADQUARTERS, so he has an excuse to shoot someone in self-defense.

Anyways, I am ready for this track.


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