Saweetie Calls DJ Akademiks "Unprofessional" For Posting a False Story About Her

DJ Akademiks is again out spreading lies about female rappers. His current target is Saweetie. He posted an old photo of Saweetie with the caption, "Saweetie spotted for the first time since the Quavo breakup with LA rapper Ray Vaughn," He is obviously trying to paint her out to be a cheater to the fools who believe him (looking at you Reason and Jermaine Dupri). I wonder how much Quavo is paying him?

Saweetie is clearing niggas and she posted the truth about the photo/video being from 2020.

Akademiks did post her response AFTER Saweetie called him out in the comment section. Saweetie posted, "Don't report fake news for clout. This video was taken last summer. Unprofessional."

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