Saweetie is dropping the highly-anticipated remix to her song "Tap In" today at 4 P.M. PST! She was

supposed to drop it at noon but overslept...LOL. Saweetie, while wearing some Drake Certified Lover Boy-ish sunglasses and white robe, went on to Instagram Live to let fans hear a snippet of the remixed song. She played Da Baby and Jack Harlow's verse and a tiny bit of the mystery feature. All I heard was auto-tune, and I became instantly not interested lol. It still could be hot, but y'all know I am not an auto-tune fan, plus I wanted a girl rapper.

She went on Instagram and Twitter and posted the artwork for the "Tap In" remix, and the mystery guest artist is Post Malone🥴. Um...yeah...pfffttt...welp...Yaya is "tapping out." I don't like Post Malone, but I hope she gets those streams. She is the only one representing Cali for the girls, so I wish her luck.

Saweetie Tap In remix artwork with Da Baby, Jack Harlow, and Post Malone

As far as Da Baby and Jack Harlow, they really didn't add anything to the song. Y'all know I rock with Da Baby, but his part sounded lackluster to me. With that all said, I only heard what she played. It may sound totally different at 4 P.M. 🥴


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