Should Artists Skip Dropping Albums And Focus On Creating Hit Singles?

Today I saw an interesting response to the OnlyFans "Rich List" posted on Twitter a few days ago. This list shows the highest celebrity earners on the App. Cardi B landed at #3, behind Blac Chyna and Bella Thorne, earning approx. 9M per month.

In response to that list, DJ Booth's EIC had an intriguing take regarding Cardi B. He tweeted, "If I'm Cardi, and I'm bringing in $9M per month using OnlyFans - money the label can't touch - I'm never releasing another album. 3-4 singles per year to remain "active" and in the conversation. W."

I found his proposal interesting, not just for Ole Girl, but for any Hip Hop or R&B artist that has a successful side hustle. There is a reason why Rihanna is not rushing back to drop music for her fans. Why would she want to deal with manipulated charts, radio DJs and playlist curators blackballing artists, blogs competing to see who can make up the juicier lie, and out of control STANs?

In this musical climate where 20 track albums get reviews 5 minutes after they drop, the idea of being a

"singles only" artists should look enticing. As long as the songs are hot, those artists will be doing better

than artists who put their blood, sweat, and tears into full projects. Those singles only artists will miss out on album awards, but that is not a big deal in an era where stats are king. It's not like we don't already have artists that we feel are great at dropping singles, but disappoint when it comes to putting out albums.

Now, obviously, this would be easier for independent artists to do, but I like the idea overall. I don't really look forward to albums anymore because many artists don't know how to put together albums that have continuity or have a point. Albums are ways for artists to pad their stats...looking at you, Chris Brown.

What are y'all thoughts about this topic? Would you want your fave to skip albums and become a "singles artist?"

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