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Thoughts On Beyonce's "Break My Soul" And Did Drake Try To Ruin Bey's Rollout?


Ok, let me know what y'all think of Beyonce's "Break My Soul."

I thought the song could have been better on first listen, but it is not bad and has a catchy-ness to it. Personally, I am just not in a dance music mood right now. I used to love dance songs with R&B/soul singers over the beats, but right now I will say "right song, wrong time" when it comes to me.


What I really want to talk about is how Drake tried to step on Beyonce's moment by dropping that hot mess of dance music, so it could look like he started a trend. He is really trying to ride the Beyonce wave and we know the media will lump them together in order to try to help him out. I know Beyonce is pissed, LOL.

His fan's logic, which are people who can't tell the difference between good and bad dance music, will be if you like Beyonce, you gotta like nope.

Also, all the shaming these industry people tried doing to get people to like Drake's song was shameful. Drake is projected to sell less than Kendrick, but he did put out 2 bonus songs so I do not know if that is on this album to help sales.


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I like it.....but idk it's something missing

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