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Tory Lanez Accuses DJ Akademiks Of Leaking Private Conversations To Megan Thee Stallion

The Boys Are Fighting!

While on Twitch last night, DJ Akademiks revealed why we might not be getting the usual Tory Lanez "Captain Save-A-Hoe" posts that he usually puts up on his page. As we know, Akademiks has been one of the leading blogs acting as Tory Lanez's mouthpiece so that he can get his narrative out to the public without having to speak directly about the allegations that he shot Megan Thee Stallion. Akademiks confessed that he and Tory are no longer on good terms, and the reason is odd, to say the least.

DJ Akademiks said, "I'm actually a little bit insulted by even the allegations that he made," before revealing that Tory Lanez's accused him of leaking private conversations between the two to Megan Thee Stallion and her team. After Megan did her video where she identified Tory as the person who shot her and accused him of using blogs to smear her name, Tory started pointing fingers, and they were all landed on DJ Akademiks. According to AK, Tory began getting suspicious based on what Megan revealed in her video. Tory told AK, "You Snaked Me!" So... I guess Megan Thee Stallion being too close to the truth, made Tory Lanez paranoid.

Akademiks denies these claims and says that he never has spoken to Megan Thee Stallion or anyone on her team. I don't believe that DJ Akademiks ran to Megan's team to snitch on Tory Lanez. As Akademiks explained in the video, it's obvious when blogs are working together and trying to force narratives. Megan has eyes, so she could see it, her team could see it. Sh*t I saw it too.

Oh Well...we know there are plenty of other blogs who want to take DJ Akademiks spot as Tory Lanez's main mouthpiece...🥴


On that same Twitch, AK called Saweetie trash and an industry plant and said that he heard that Lil Nas X has been "grinding" a lot of other things in order to pop off.



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