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Tory Lanez Does Not Care About Repairing His Image


Yesterday, Tory Lanez tweeted out he would create a funding system for independent women with small businesses. Many people gave him a much-deserved side-eye and accused him of pandering to women and attempting to repair his image. Well, Daystar responded to all his doubters and said, "I don't care about repairing an image that people tried to smear and couldn't."..blah, blah, blah.

There really isn't anything to repair.

Tory Lanez Does Not Care about repairing his image

Before the shooting incident, Tory Lanez was known as the nigga who staged a colorism incident on the set of a music video just so he could be the "semi-woke savior for the day," as described by writer Bianca Bentancourt. Before the shooting, several artists accused Tory of stealing their songs, flows, lyrics, and taglines. This is the image that was SMEARED?

Tory Lanez does not want to repair his image because before the shooting, he was a mimic artist from Canada whose peers couldn't stand him. Now he is every pick-me bitches dream.


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May 06, 2021

He’s been trying to build good character for months now.

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